Popular social media persona Madam Boss has been instructed to rent a social media supervisor or go back to college for grooming, following her just lately shared ill-worded put up on Facebook.

Madam Boss had taken to the platform to put it up for sale arguable cleric, Walter Magaya’s “miraculous” skills however ended up in palms along with her fans over politically improper terminology the place she labelled mentally disturbed folks, fools.

“Prophet Magaya tings.Hakuna vamwe vanemapenzi here tiende navo tinozviwonera tega (Is there anyone out there with a retard that we can take to get help (from Magaya)),” she wrote.

In response, one camp blasted her show of lack of awareness and instructed her to take some grooming classes.

“Madam boss munekamwe hakudofo soo no matter how much I love you hudofo hwenyu fails me… Dzokerai kuchikoro it’s never late. Arghhh of all the words was mapenzi necessary. Munobhowa, munodhina and you don’t disappoint when it comes to disappointing (I love your work but I find you to be dull-witted, go back to school for grooming it’s never too late),” Facebook person Graciouse Gray Machingambi wrote.

“Yes most people say benzi, mapenzi, but as a public figure it’s very important to know how you address kana uchitaura coz remember makatosiyana nesu hedu ndirini ndikati benzi noone will come after me correcting me but because you are madam boss ziyai mashoko ekushandisa musaita kunge dofo (a person of your stature can’t talk like an ordinary person on the street, choose your words wisely, stop acting dumb),” added Shezz Kumbie Kasi.

While others instructed her to rent a social media supervisor.

“Madam Boss before you post have 3 or 2 people approve them l beg . They check diction, mood and tone. Zimbos aint kind to misfiring,” mentioned Kerita Tawana Choga.

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