President Museveni has stated Uganda will best permit Facebook to reopen in Uganda provided that the social media platform stops “playing games.”

” I hope now Facebook knows who is in charge of Uganda. If they stop playing games, we shall open up,” Museveni stated.

In the power to the 2021 normal election, authorities close down Facebook over abuse through customers however the platform has since then by no means been reopened.

Ugandans recently get entry to Facebook by the use of Virtual Private Networks that appear dear for them while many others have hand over the social media platform.

However, addressing reporters on the State Lodge in Nakasero, the president stated it began when Facebook close down a number of pro-government accounts.

“… .because Facebook are arrogant. They were being used to attack us and when our own people used it to answer back were shut up. That’s where battle started,” the president famous.

He stated in a bid to turn discontent, authorities needed to close Facebook in Uganda.

” If you don’t want the head of the home you show it by walking out .Facebook has now been chased.”

He added, ” Boda bodas are still moving, even taxis, matooke and milk are still coming. Everything is moving on well whereas Facebook is still closed.”

The president alternatively famous that if Facebook realizes its mistake, authorities will reopen it.

The Uganda communications Commission (UCC) just lately stated authorities is ready on Facebook to unravel remarkable problems earlier than it’s absolutely reopened.

“On our side, we are waiting for Facebook. We talked [and] we concluded. So, the outstanding issues are on their side. As government, we are ready to have it come back as soon as they deliver on their promise,” Irene Kagwa, the UCC Executive Director instructed Daily Monitor just lately.

Last yr, President Museveni stated Uganda is progressing smartly with out Facebook.

“The other day I checked to see whether bananas are still being produced. I thought bananas would stop if facebook closed. I checked and I found cows are still milking and fish is still in the lake. We can exist without facebook. Those biased people should not bother us,” he stated.

Last yr, mavens warned that the ongoing shutdown of Facebook in Uganda is having a toll on civic area and virtual markets within the nation.