Pentecostals around the nation have began flocking Wankulukuku stadium to pray for the rustic’s revival and recovery set for as of late, December, 13 to Thursday 15.

Addressing reporters on Monday, the organiser of the prayer convention, Apostle Ronald Hope Witness from Full Knowledge of God International Ministries, Zzana emphasised that the campaign is aimed at praying for the rustic.

“This is a worldwide call upon our nation. God called all nations to serve him in the book of prophet Isaiah 41: 4 but now in these later days, He has called Uganda to lift up a banner and blow a trumpet calling upon all nations to come back and serve God according to Isaiah 18: 1-3. Uganda is a country biblically, historically and prophetically called to blow a trumpet calling upon all nations to serve God and prepare them for the second coming of Jesus Christ,” he stated.

He famous that as the rustic’s motto of ‘for God and my nation’ says, Ugandans ought to pledge to pay allegiance to God .

The guy of God stated that is why for praying to God tirelessly and charismatically to revive the entirety in Uganda and likewise repair sanity within the nation.

“We are calling upon all of Ugandans to join us here to call upon God to refresh, revive and restore all things in the country including the church, health, education, health, political system, social sector, games, security system, sports, music and the entire entertainment sector and the entire system of the world.”

He added that the doorways might be opened at 2pm and finish at heart evening while meals, beverages and safe haven might be supplied for the ones from upcountry.

Author: Nile Post

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