Kampala, Uganda — The Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) has beseeched Parliament to care for the established order in appointment of the Secretary-General of the National Council of Sports (NCS).

According to the National Sports Council Act of 1964, the NCS council advertises the vacant place of the secretary-general, conducts interviews, and makes an appointment. The minister simplest selects participants of the council.

However, the Budiope East MP, Moses Magogo, additionally President of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations, in the National Sports Bill, 2021 that he moved as a personal member, needs the general-secretary appointed by means of the minister at the advice of the council.

The UOC delegation led by means of Dunstan Nsubuga, the First Vice President, was once on Wednesday, 14 December 2022 showing ahead of Parliament’s Committee on Education and Sports this is lately scrutinising two sports activities expenses; the National Sports Bill, 2021 and the Physical Activity and Sports Bill, 2022.

Nsubuga advised the committee that are meant to the Magogo proposal lift the day, then the exams and balances at NCS could be watered down.

“Once the minister has appointed the council, then the council should select the general-secretary. But if the minister appoints the general-secretary, there will not be checks and balances,” Nsubuga stated.

The deputy chairperson of the committee, Cuthbert Abigaba, tasked UOC to provide an explanation for why they would favor to have the secretary-general decided on by means of the council rather then the minister.

“What is your fear in appointing the secretary-general? What is your current relationship with the National Council of Sports and is there interference?” he requested.