The NRM Secretary General, Richard Todwong has mentioned President Museveni is the ruling birthday celebration’s candidate for the coming near near 2026 normal election having been counseled him in 2019 by way of the Central Executive Committee, the birthday celebration’s most sensible organ.

“The CEC members made a resolution in 2019 that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni should continue leading this country in 2021, 2026 and beyond. This is resolution that was made by the party.There is nothing new about this,”Todwong mentioned.

“The resolution was talking of 2021 and beyond. It is the position of the party until CEC changes it.”

He was once on Wednesday responding to questions in regards to the ongoing endorsements for President Museveni by way of other teams across the nation.

A bunch of youths allied to the Office of the NRM National chairman calling themselves the Bazzulu Ba Museveni just lately counseled Museveni to run for the 2026 normal election.

Several different teams have additionally counseled the president in more than a few portions of the rustic.

However, many have blasted the ones endorsing Museveni pronouncing it is too early to begin campaigning.

A bunch of NRM contributors in Bunyangabu just lately requested the birthday celebration management to prevent the ones spearheading early endorsement of applicants, arguing that this is now not the fitting time to take action.

The traits come at a time when some NRM youths and leaders have additionally intensified efforts to entrance President Museveni’s son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba as their candidate for the coming near near 2026 normal election.

Speaking on Thursday, NRM Secretary General, Richard Todwong mentioned the early life endorsing President Museveni’s candidature for 2026 are best doing the fitting factor of following the birthday celebration charter.

“The young people who are moving around are only expressing their wishes that this should be actualized. It is not something new because CEC leaders made the resolution at Chobe Safari lodge. The young people of the party thought it wise to show the public that Museveni is still popular. They are not campaigning by expressing their wishes. We hope the NRM processes their wishes.”

The NRM Secretary General on the other hand famous that those don’t seem to be campaigns as a result of marketing campaign time is nonetheless a long way away.

“There is nothing new and party is aware of everything. Campaigns haven’t started but will come at right time,” he mentioned.

Author: Nile Post

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