President Museveni has hailed Ugandans for heeding to the recommendation of professionals which has ensured the rustic defeats Ebola virus.

Uganda in September introduced the outbreak of Ebola virus within the nation with Mubende and Kassanda districts being the epicentres.

The virus later unfold to different district, prompting govt to reserve a complete lockdown of the 2 epicenter districts.

However, final week, govt lifted the lockdown.

Addressing the country on Tuesday, President Museveni introduced that the rustic has been ready to defeat Ebola.

“We have defeated Ebola. We have now overcome Ebola because people listened to our advice. Generally speaking, I must congratulate Ugandans, but I am not happy with the people who don’t listen. We have overcome Ebola after the unnecessary loss of 56 people,” Museveni mentioned.

The president as a result applauded well being employees for a task smartly accomplished all the way through the battle towards Ebola, noting that those should be rewarded with medals all the way through the heroes day celebrations.

Museveni mentioned while Ebola was once simple to battle, the inhabitants have been faulty by means of witch medical doctors and a few spiritual leaders who had promised to regard pray for the in poor health.

He hailed Uganda for the battle towards Ebola, noting that the location within the nation has no longer been as dangerous as it’s in different international locations like Sierra Leone the place they’ve battled with the virus for over two years.

“The total number of people who have been infected by Corona is 170,000 which is much lower than in many parts of the world. In some countries the people who died are more than one million.”

New downside

The president mentioned while Ebola has been defeated, the brand new downside that the rustic is confronted with is Malaria which has endured to kill many of us in Uganda.

He published that over 2,489 have succumbed to Malaria in 10 months .

“There is a problem of Malaria. Malaria transmission in Uganda is perennial with two seasonal peaks between April to June and September to November. Malaria cases were 11.3 million in 2021. In 2022 14.3 million people have already got malaria,” he mentioned.

Museveni emphasised the desire for the inhabitants to sleep below insecticide remedy mosquito nets.

He additionally prompt Ugandans to transparent timber and stagnant water from their houses which can be breeding grounds for mosquitos.

Author: Nile Post

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