Kampala — Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) has introduced plans to upskill over 2,000 people hired within the hospitality sector to carry trade requirements. The coaching will probably be equipped beneath the Diageo Bar Academy, a world program that benchmarks global perfect observe to fortify the talents and competencies of each hospitality body of workers and control to force higher visitor reports.

“Uganda Breweries is pleased to be playing a role towards boosting the hospitality industry by influencing better guest experiences, which will directly result in higher consumer participation and higher revenues earned by businesses and consequently the economy. We intend to reach over 2,000 people employed in hospitality over the next two months to deliver world class practical and hands-on training around the country”, mentioned Agaba Tumusiime, Reserve Brand Ambassador at Uganda Breweries Limited.

The program objectives each industry homeowners and their staff together with managers, bartenders, waiters and waitresses. The coaching covers more than a few modules on behind-the-bar talents; hospitality necessities; global perfect observe and rising tendencies; bettering operational potency and using industry profitability, to point out however a couple of.

“The hospitality sector is one of the biggest employers in the country. With the increased number of young people joining the labor market every year, supporting business growth and stimulating entrepreneurship in this highly viable sector is critical for socio-economic growth. With this training, UBL is providing opportunities for young people to achieve gainful employment within the hospitality industry which was one of the highest contributors to GDP before the pandemic. We believe this will overtime improve the quality of life of the beneficiaries by enhancing their capability to earn a living,” Agaba added.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism and hospitality sector contributed 7.7% of GDP with income of USD1.6 billion. According to the Ministry of Tourism, the tourism and hospitality sector accounts for just about 667,000 body of workers with 90% hired within the hospitality sector and contributing 6.7% of general nationwide employment.

“The country is currently grappling with various economic shocks that have resulted in a tough operating environment. This situation comes on the heels of the pandemic that resulted in business closure for a period of close to 2 years. This is a demonstration of our commitment to supporting business recovery and survival,” Agaba mentioned.

Under the National Development Plan III, Uganda is prioritizing staff talents construction to boost up the purchase of urgently wanted talents in key enlargement spaces, and to create a talented, inclusive, and moral hard work power. These efforts are increasing alternatives for the improvement of talents which might be market-driven and enterprise-driven, together with for the casual sector.