Tunis/Tunisia — The dam fill fee reached slightly 29% as of December 14, 2022, i.e. a world inventory of water reserves of about 677.72 million m3 in opposition to 952.3 million m3 in the similar duration of 2021, down by way of just about 29%, in line with information launched on Wednesday by way of the National Observatory of Agriculture (ONAGRI).

Overall dam inflows stood at 102.1 million m3 right through the duration from (*14*) 1, 2022 to December 14, 2022, down by way of 318 million m3 in comparison to the averages recorded right through the similar duration in 2021.

The quantity of rainfall recorded all over the rustic used to be 36.1 mm from (*14*) 1 to December 14, 2022, which is 59% not up to the recorded averages.

This decline used to be basically registered within the south-east (-82%), centre-east (-75%), south-west (-74%) and centre-west (-69%) areas. The fall used to be much less drastic within the north (-41%) and north-west (-25%) areas.The decline used to be much less important within the north (-41%) and north-west (-25%) areas.

Author: Tunis Afrique Presse

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