Bukoba — The Kagera Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS), Mr Toba Nguvila, has directed the Tanzania Forest Services (TFS) to confiscate a complete of 309 herds of livestock for invading the Luiga Forest Reserve in Muleba district.

He issued the directive on Wednesday all over his impromptu discuss with in Muleba district, the place he was once knowledgeable that the some 309 herds of livestock have been being briefly held at Kasindaga Police Post.

“The Environmental Management ACT is quite clear. It is strictly forbidden to allow animals to invade Forest Reserves. I, hereby direct TFS officials and other law organs to take punitive measures against the culprits including confiscating the 309 herds of cattle and nationalizing them to the government,” he stated.

A Senior TFS legit, Mr Mashaka Mrisho, knowledgeable him that the 309 herds of livestock have been rounded up at round 3.00 a.m. on Tuesday night time within the Luiga Forest Reserve and the suspects controlled to flee.

Author: Daily News

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