For simple and manageable rating, the Zambezi area can also be divided into 4 routes radiating from the central zone of building, which is the the town of Katima Mulilo. Each path has skilled some shape of developmental demanding situations.

For simple referencing, path one might be indicated as one radiating from Katima Mulilo thru Schuckmansburg, Nsundwa, Ikaba, Muzii, Kasika and Impalila.

Route two covers spaces radiating from Katima Mulilo thru Bukalo as much as Ngoma. Route 3 takes the Linyanti Road ranging from Katima Mulilo thru Kanono, Chinchimane, Linyanti, Malengalenga, Sangwali, Sauzuo and Lyanshulu.

The fourth and ultimate path begins from Katima Mulilo, going thru Kasheshe, Kaliyangile, Sibbinda, Makanga, Masida, Kongola, Sesheke and Singalamwe.

These routes have witnessed some bureaucracy of building in phrases of schooling and common attainments.

But it’s the fourth path which has been at the sour receiving finish of building.

The unhappy truth is that the path used to be first deprived by way of the loss of farm animals, particularly livestock which fell prey to sound asleep illness, which used to be led to by way of the tsetse fly.

There used to be a surge of tsetse in all instructions of the Zambezi, and so they needed to undergo for a bunch of years from loss of livestock thru nagana (sound asleep illness), of which the farm animals of the fourth path have been utterly burnt up from Singalamwe as much as Sibbinda.

Cattle handiest began getting into path 4 from the mid-sixties thru purchasing or bartering.

This resulted in many fogeys failing to take their kids to Kanono and Mulumba, which introduced senior number one schooling.

Consequently, the path lagged in phrases of tutorial building, which uplifts the residing requirements of the other folks.

Despite this setback, the folks of this path attempted to meet up with different routes which have been advantaged.

Sadly, the trained younger other folks of this path have failed to understand the efforts installed by way of their folks in looking to form a greater way of life for them.

This team of other folks have did not advance developmental efforts thru team spirit, however have in truth focused on divisive and time-losing workout routines, now not realising that point and tide watch for no guy.

The developmental educate used to be began earlier than the morning time of independence, and the other folks of this path have been meant to include the pace and velocity of the educate.

But alas, the majority of citizens of the fourth path stay adamant and nonetheless relish the illogical argumentative stance, even if “the writing on the wall” is apparent.

What is similarly encouraging is that the fourth path contributed very much to the liberation of this nation.

Equally astonishing is that in spite of this huge contribution, the path stays politically marginalised.

For 32 years into independence, the path has handiest observed one minister in Cabinet.

The Kongola-Kalubi-Sesheke-Sikaunga-Singalamwe hall, whose kids opened the Swapo Primary School in exile, is totally sidelined.

One might upload the exclusion of this hall in phrases of appointing other folks to Cabinet positions.

If the citizens of this path have been united and spoke with one voice, the powers that be may appoint citizens of this path, who sacrificed and suffered for the liberation of this nation.

Eyes are upon the subsequent management, to gauge whether or not it’ll appoint one Cabinet minister from this path.

Namibia has mechanisms in position to handle some of the earlier injustices. It is conceivable to lift some of the citizens of this path to a couple senior positions by way of the usage of affirmative motion.

The highest position can be both at the Zambezi Regional Council, or the native authority of the Katima Mulilo Town Council. Of route, there are certified other folks alongside the path, who can also be increased to a couple positions.

But as a result of different teams have consolidated themselves in some senior positions, it turns into too tough to penetrate the employment wall.

The birthday celebration checklist of the president will have been used to squeeze some birthday celebration participants or an abnormal individual into the primary checklist. Currently, there are participants of parliament who’ve been picked by way of the head of state at his discretion.

Surely, other folks from this path and hall have extra high quality and {qualifications} for such choosing. But as a result of the path lacks collective bargaining for a not unusual goal, once in a while this ends up in lesser power from the citizens, which will have made an indelible mark on the political bastion. Nevertheless, the political entity on this nation will have to now not put out of your mind the function performed by way of this path in ushering political independence and self-decision.