The South African Police Service (SAPS) is caution participants of the general public towards the unauthorised and unlawful use of SAPS assets which come with uniforms, apparatus and trademarks.

This comes as police have famous a video clip circulating on social media platforms, on which a civilian may also be observed in a marked police automobile dressed in an SAPS cap. This unauthorised use of SAPS assets and uniform is in direct contravention of the SAPS Act.

To this finish, this civilian has dedicated a minimum of 3 offences in phrases of the SAPS Act; Section 66 (1), 68(1) and 68(3) in that he wore the trademarks and reputable insignia of the SAPS.

The guy has thus created a misconception that he’s lawfully related to the police carrier through being in a marked police automobile and dressed in of the badge and logo of the SAPS which is safe through regulation.

The SAPS thus takes this chance to teach participants of the general public that the dressed in of uniform or unique marks of the SAPS through an individual who isn’t a member or who does now not have permission to take action from the National Commissioner is an offence.

Civilians are due to this fact discouraged from the use of or dressed in police assets to keep away from having a legal document.

Police are investigating this subject.

Author: Govt of SA

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