‘We don’t seem to be scared of deportation or anything else. If we stay quiet, we will be able to transform prisoners of judgment of right and wrong,’ say the inclined citizens of Joburg’s ‘construction of darkness’, who had been illegally evicted on Saturday.

“We were left completely with nothing and we are smelling a rat that there is a sort of corruption that has taken place … This also happened about a decade ago when we had policemen knocking on our doors and forcing us out of the building. History repeated itself on Saturday in the presence of the Johannesburg metropolitan police department.”

These had been the phrases of Lazarus Chinhara, one of the evicted longtime occupants of Joburg’s “building of darkness”, so named as it used to be with out electrical energy.

Chinhara stated Saturday’s evictions had been performed by means of the anti-foreigner team Operation Dudula.

“These people knew we would have groceries, clothes, money and a few valuables to send home since it’s the festive season … When they evicted us and attacked us while sleeping in the park, our stuff was left unattended and they could take everything. The activity was also planned for a time when many human rights organisations and individuals who usually help us have gone on holiday,” stated Chinhara…

Author: Daily Maverick

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