Jubilation and ululations had been the order of the day for over 400 households from quite a lot of mass care shelters as they packed their property in preparation to transfer to their new houses the place they’re going to spend Christmas.

KwaZulu-Natal Premier, Nomusa Dube-Ncube, assisted the flood sufferers from the Tshelimnyama refuge after they packed and loaded their property into vans that had been equipped by means of govt.

This week, the provincial govt, led by means of Dube-Ncube facilitated the method of shifting over 1 600 flood sufferers from quite a lot of mass care shelters to extra dignified lodging.

To date, 96 out of 135 mass care shelters that had been housing households because the April flood failures, were completely closed.

Dube-Ncube stated that over the following couple of days, the provincial govt will facilitate the relocation of all households to make sure that there will probably be no flood sufferers dwelling in mass care shelters in KwaZulu-Natal on Christmas.

“We have mobilised all available resources and are undertaking every effort to ensure that we rebuild and rehouse flood victims. We thank all our citizens for their patience because every day we are seized with the task of ensuring that our province fully recovers from the flood disasters,” Dube-Ncube stated.

The Premier said that their capability to meet the entire wishes immediately has frequently been stretched and from time to time, “we have had to attend to lifesaving and critical areas first”.

She reaffirmed that govt is operating tirelessly to fast-track the relocation of all flood sufferers to finish the entire frustration and nervousness.