Special Note: Happy thirty sixth Anniversary to COSATU. Formed December 1985

The Congress of South African Trade Unions helps the ongoing South African Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union strike at Makro retail outlets over wage salary negotiations. We condemn the intransigent perspective of the corporate and their makes an attempt to undermine collective bargaining.

Walmart must forestall enjoying grimy methods however focal point on running with the union to in finding an amicable answer to the present deadlock. SACCAWU participants call for the following:

· An throughout the board building up of R900.00 or 12% whichever is the better

· Minimum Wage R8000.00

· An development of Commission from 10% on margin to 20% margin for Salesperson

· Increase in Category 3 running hours from 160 to 195 monthly

· thirteenth Cheque to be made become independent from the December wage

· Uniform Allowance of R100.00

· Moratorium on Retrenchments for the period of the settlement

These are affordable calls for consistent with the escalating value of residing. This corporate like several others has benefitted from tax cuts and different incentives which were presented via executive.

The Federation calls on South Africans to make stronger the putting Makro staff via boycotting the corporate over the festive season. We additionally inspire different staff to display unity to those putting staff via becoming a member of their deliberate actions. If we don’t make stronger every different on the wood line, we can meet every different on the unemployment line.

Author: COSATU

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