A couple of months in the past, in birthday party of World Book Day, Ubongo began a Pan-African Book Drive Campaign in numerous African international locations. In the spirit of utu, the swahili phrase for shared humanity, Ubongo referred to as on their Pan-African target market and most people to give a contribution gently-used or new youngsters’s books of all genres and age-groups which might be donated to underserved youngsters and kids facilities in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Malawi and Nigeria.

Last Tuesday, December twelfth 2022, a sense of pleasure was once aroused some of the youngsters of Nkombo Island, particularly Ecole Primaire Bugumiro Foundation, as they won the books amassed via Ubongo’s Pan-African Book Drive Campaign.

“We believe every child, no matter their circumstances, deserves to have books and access to the literacy support they need to ignite a lifelong love of reading. In our Utu culture, we believe that ‘The gift of reading’ is the most valuable thing we can give to children during this festive season. As Garrison Keillor put it, ‘A book is a gift you can open again and again’. Our wish is for every child to have the opportunity to find stories they enjoy and learn from, books that feel like support and inspiration for who they can become and what their futures hold. Being a Pan-African organization, we encouraged people to donate books by various African authors to highlight the importance of representation in written form. We will also spotlight donated books written by African authors on social media.” mentioned Isaie Micomyiza, Rwanda Country Manager at Ubongo.

Ecole Bugumiro Foundation won 1382 youngsters’s books; together with 1000 copies of the books tailored from Ubongo’s edutainment presentations, 100 copies of Rwandan publishers’ bestsellers donated by way of Rwanda Children’s Books Organisation (RCBO), 82 titles donated by way of Kigali Public Library, and 200 copies of RCBO’s youngsters’s mag referred to as Karame. The books shall be positioned in a loose study room this is being become a neighborhood library and shall stay open even all the way through weekends for neighboring youngsters to discuss with and benefit from the studying.