Nigeria and Rwanda have signed the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Artemis Accords, turning into the primary African international locations to sign up for the accords on Wednesday.

Nigeria’s Minister of Communication and Digital Infrastructure, Professor Isa Pantami and Chief Executive Officer for Rwanda’s Space Agency CEO, Col Francis Ngabo signed the pact on behalf in their respective nations.

The signatures happened throughout the US-Africa Space Forum at the sideline of the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit in Washington DC, United States.

The Artemis Accords was once drafted by way of NASA and the United States Department of State to institute a construction for cooperation within the civil exploration and non violent use of the Moon, Mars and different astronomical gadgets.

Speaking at the instance, Ngabo mentioned the treaty will “permit shared alternatives for non violent area explorations that can get advantages humanity during the discovery of answers for state of the art area applied sciences, advances in drugs, coverage of the planet and setting, introduction of medical and technical jobs and medical breakthroughs from exploring the unknown.

“Even though Rwanda is currently focusing on the downstream space segment, we are keeping an open mind on the upstream and want to be a part of advocating for responsible use of outer space.”

In his remarks, NASA Administrator, Bill Nelson added, “the Artemis Accords is all about what we should do peacefully in space, signalling the intention to help each other out, standardisation of instruments so we can come to each other aid when there is a problem.”