Four other folks misplaced their lives in injuries that happened in other portions of the rustic between Christmas and Boxing Day, the Rwanda National Police (RNP) has stated.

Speaking to The New Times, RNP Spokesperson John Bosco Kabera stated two of the deadly injuries took place in the Eastern Province – involving bikes, whilst the opposite two happened in the Northern Province, involving a motorbike and a automobile.

Meanwhile, the RNP registered 46 instances of inebriated riding right through the festive season, despite the fact that they weren’t associated with any of the injuries that took place.

Kabera advised The New Times that at the night time of December 24 to twenty-five, twenty other folks had been arrested for inebriated-riding, whilst at the night time of December 25 to 26, twenty-six extra had been apprehended.

Drunk-driving is punished with (*4*) and the motive force is detained for roughly every week.

More law enforcement officials, and cell cameras shall be deployed on roads around the town to arrest drivers for drunk driving and over-rushing.

As a part of the measures for fighting injuries right through the festive season, the RNP stated it had deployed more police officers and mobile cameras on roads throughout Kigali and different portions of the rustic to arrest drivers for drunk driving and over-rushing.

“Traffic police are ready to help Rwandans end the year of 2022 with minimum road accidents. We will deploy more police officers, mobile cameras, patrols, and cars on the roads and arrest those with over-speeding as well as alcotests to detect drunk driving. We will also test those who consume drugs,” stated the Commissioner for Traffic and Road Safety Gerard Mpayimana, in a press convention on December 22.

According to figures from the RNP, about 2,000 people have been killed by road accidents since 2020.

Author: New Times

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