The government must impose minimal requirements

For a country of greater than 200 million other folks, 111 personal universities can’t be thought to be too many, particularly for the reason that there are best 105 public universities belonging to the government and the 36 states. And if the get admission to hole to college training and its attendant enrollment of scholars persists, in line with Education Minister, Adamu Adamu, govt will proceed to welcome proposals for the status quo of personal universities by way of credible teams and organisations. While it’s tough to fault this type of coverage, the proliferation of personal universities has additionally raised a number of pertinent questions on requirements.

The primary fear stems from the truth that the sheer incompetence in tackling the issues within the present public universities is being waived by way of this recourse to all means of personal universities. Lecturers who can not grasp their very own as senior teachers in first rate universities are being employed as professors or even vice chancellors in a few of these universities. The similar factor that took place with the banks after we had with reference to 100 of them prior to the 2004 Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) consolidation workout is now taking place with universities. And it bodes in poor health for the standard of training within the nation.

We respect the essential roles being performed by way of many of those personal universities. What we abhor is the present cynical solution to training in Nigeria and that explains why we have now been calling for a complete overhaul of the sphere. The construction of a valid instructional device, in line with Afe Babalola, SAN, owner of a revered personal college, calls for huge assets for analysis, infrastructural construction, and the employment of high quality instructional and non-instructional workforce. That is exactly the purpose we’re making.

The Committee on Needs Assessment of Nigerian Public Universities as soon as recognized a not unusual downside amongst Nigerian universities, regardless of area and possession: they’re all scuffling with with the problem of poorly provided laboratories and workshops, old-fashioned apparatus, overcrowded study rooms, dilapidated constructions, and so on. These inadequacies and lots of different irregularities within the Nigerian training device have contributed to the declining high quality that has persisted to elicit worry from stakeholders.

It is due to this fact little marvel that graduates of Nigerian universities are stated to be unemployable, as they lack enough wisdom, talents and in all probability different attributes that may permit them to serve themselves, their employers, and the society. Yet this downside can simply be traced to the forget that the sphere has suffered over time within the palms of successive governments within the nation. Unfortunately, this has ended in a scenario by which the way forward for many blameless training-in search of younger Nigerians is now nearly compromised.