Centre for International and Strategic Studies (CISS), has exonerated the Nigerian Army from the allegations of systemic, unlawful abortion leveled in opposition to the pressure via a world information company, Reuters.

Reuters had claimed in a December seventh e-newsletter that the Nigerian Army has since 2013, “conducted a secret, systematic and illegal abortion programme in the country’s northeast, ending at least 10,000 pregnancies among women and girls,” who have been sufferers of insurgency.

However, a record offered on the International Conference Centre in Abuja, on Wednesday, December 21, 2022, via CISS discovered a British Nongovernmental Organisation (NGO), Marie Stopes International Organisation Nigeria (MSION), because the mastermind of the illicit abortion programme within the warfare ravaged Northeast a part of the rustic.

This used to be contained within the 5 chapters Annual Report On The Federal Government’s War Against Insecurity/Insurgency In Nigeria via the Centre for International And Strategic Studies CISS), in collaboration with the Coalition Of Civil Society Organizations On Rights And Security (CCSOHRS).

The centre in bankruptcy 5 of the record, disregarded Reuter’s record at the Nigerian army’s secret abortion within the Northeast, describing it as “propaganda and slander against the Nigerian military,”

The record reads: “On seventh December, 2022, it used to be allegedly reported via Reuters, a world information company group, that the Nigerian army used to be accomplishing a bloodbath of youngsters throughout the means of abortion. Hence, Reuters alleged that the army used to be accomplishing abortion on girls impregnated via participants of the Boko Haram sect within the North East Zone, and likewise killing youngsters vilified as offspring on one hand and as allies of the Boko Haram alternatively. The record and e-newsletter via Reuters, tagged ‘Nightmare in Nigeria: A Conflict Waged at the Lives of Women and Children,’ divided into 3 portions as propaganda and slander in opposition to the Nigerian army.

“Part some of the record categorized ‘the abortionist attack’ announces that within the bid to finish insurgency within the North East, the Nigerian army has since 2013 performed a secret abortion programme within the North East and feature terminated a minimum of 10000 pregnancies amongst girls and younger women believed to had been impregnated via participants of the Boko Haram sect.

“Part two of the record allegedly describes how the Nigerian army have constantly smothered, poisoned, and killed youngsters allegedly believed to be offspring of Boko Haram participants in addition to youngsters believed to be allies to the Boko Haram sect, and serving to them acquire intelligence experiences for his or her operations in opposition to the Nigerian army and the Nigerian voters. it’s argued via Reuters that over 40 witnesses confessed to having observed the Nigerian army both kill youngsters or have observed useless our bodies after army assaults. In this regard, Reuters claimed to have tested six circumstances.

“Part three of the report tagged ‘a war on women’ talks about the ordeal of a certain woman named Aisha in the hands of the Nigerian military and the inhumane treatment women go through in the war between the Islamist insurgents and the Nigerian military.”

The centre said that given the slanderous Reuters’ record, “it is necessary therefore, to set the records straight so that Nigerians and the international community will understand who the actual enemy is”.

The CISS record declared that it’s on document that Marie Stopes International Global Partnership, a British NGO, “is responsible for mass abortions in Nigeria.”

The record expressed fear why Reuters left reporting at the NGO such because the Marie Stopes International Global Partnership, a British NGO that “is responsible for such crimes to be attacking the Nigerian military that is going about its duties responsibly and professionally.”

“The mission of the NGO is to ensure that families and women have children by choice and not by chance. It was reported by Mr Jonathan Nachia, the MSION Research Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in the North East that ‘the organisation has successfully averted 15,317 unintended pregnancies; 6,344 abortions; 5,719 unsafe abortions; 79 maternal deaths, and 4,581 mortality and morbidity, among others,” it uncovered.