THE Northern Elders Forum, NEF, has described the transfer by means of politicians to purchase up everlasting citizens’ playing cards and financially induce unsuspecting Nigerians to compromise their Voters Identification Number as an try to suppress votes in the area.

In a commentary issued the day gone by, NEF’s Director of Publicity and Advocacy, Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, mentioned, “Northern Elders Forum had adopted this being concerned phenomenon, advising group leaders and primary stakeholders at the risks of disenfranchising huge numbers of voters. We have additionally undertaken our personal investigations, which steered this public caution.

“Thousands, or most likely even tens of millions of Northern citizens, in particular ladies, are being made to give up their PVCs for a pittance, in maximum circumstances no more than N2000.

“In some circumstances they’re advised their playing cards will likely be returned to them after they’re processed for added bills as poverty reduction. No playing cards are returned.

“Our investigations counsel that that is an competitive and blatant voter suppression try to cut back the balloting powers of the North.

“We had been confident by means of INEC that this tradition in itself won’t compromise its techniques and processes.

“People who’re concerned in this tradition seem to be running for various events, however they aim communities the place they think their events or applicants have comparative benefits or disadvantages.

“NEF advises registered citizens no longer to section with their PVCs underneath any instances. Irrespective of which birthday celebration or candidate they strengthen, Northerners should vote in the impending elections, as that is the one manner our area can opposite its present fortunes and instances.