MINISTER of city and rural building Erastus Uutoni turns out to be shedding persistence with the squabbling political representatives on the Windhoek Municipal Council.

He gave councillors one month to unravel the management disaster on the municipality.

The minister set an ultimatum after representatives of political events at the council as soon as once more failed to elect two further contributors to the control committee.

This triggered Uutoni to summon the councillors for a assembly final week to talk about the management vacuum within the council.

“During our engagement, the councillors admitted that they failed to fully constitute and operationalise the management committee of the council, which is a crucial body that deals with the day-to-day operations of the council as per the Local Authorities Act,” Uutoni stated in a ministerial observation.

“As an outcome of our engagement, I believe the possibility of solving the matter amicably cannot be underestimated, given the fact that all councillors have a clear understanding of their purpose of serving their electorate.”

The council will as soon as once more meet on Thursday to elect the rest two contributors of the control committee.

Swapo representatives Queen Kamati, Sam Shafishuna Nujoma and Austin Kwenani occupy 3 seats within the control committee.

United Democratic Front councillor Joseph Uapingene has been elected as Windhoek’s new mayor.

Following the assembly with Uutoni, 5 councillors from the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) motion, and the Landless People’s Movement (LPM), calling themselves ‘G5’, stated they’d assess the chance of taking part within the elections.

“Where and when possible, we will engage and assess the prospects of participating in electoral activities, although this is not our immediate priority given the current configuration that grants absolute power to one political party . . ,” they stated in a joint observation, referring to Swapo occupying 3 seats.

The G5 encompass Job Amupanda and IIse Keister of the AR, Clemencia Hanases of the PDM, in addition to Sade Gawanas and Ivan Skrywer of the LPM.

However, National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) secretary normal Joseph Kauandenge stated opposition events are to blame for letting Swapo take keep an eye on on the council.