Although the Khomas Regional Council made efforts to avoid wasting the citizens from ingesting sewer water via paying for water tokens on the City Of Windhoek, the municipality stated they’re going to now not factor the tokens to all of the citizens, as some don’t qualify to get them.

The town’s performing CEO Faniel Maanda lately informed New Era that even supposing he said the fee of 100 tokens, now not all of the registered citizens will obtain the token to get right of entry to potable water.

More than 120 citizens of the Hadino Hishongwa location within the mountainous space in the back of Goreangab within the Samora Machel constituency are pressured to drink wastewater that’s not have compatibility for human intake.

This is because of the loss of water issues and the realm’s unaffordable pay as you go playing cards (water tokens). The disgruntled group contributors additionally say they’re now “victims of the City of Windhoek’s failure”.

They draw water from a river that flows from the Goreangab sewage dam, however additionally they worry for their protection, as they’re trespassing on non-public land.

To compound their worry, Samuel Jusias, a group chief, informed New Era the citizens’ well being is at stake, as they all the time have abdomen issues as a result of they drink and cook dinner with infected water.

Maanda, on the other hand, didn’t purchase the tale of the citizens drawing water from the river mattress, wondering why the citizens simplest must drink sewer water now after the unfastened water that was once equipped right through Covid-19 were given minimize.

“When the water was free, those people were able to access water no matter how far the water point was. And now you can ask yourself a question why only now after free water was cut,” he defined.

He added town controls the land grabbing, in line with the answer it has 0 tolerance for the land invasion to improve the casual agreement.

Maanda stated the ones people who find themselves drawing water in river beds may not be issued with pay as you go playing cards as a result of they don’t seem to be recognised via town.

“Those who are recognised are issued with a certificate of occupation that is accompanied by the water token. If you do not have a water token, that means you came there on your own, or [you are] a land grabber,” he defined.

He stated the record submitted via the regional council needs to be vetted during the gadget in position.

The group comprises 46 households, who had been positioned there via the City of Windhoek on 28 December 2021.