Most need the federal government, trade and trade, and advanced international locations to do “a lot more.”

Key findings

  • More than two-thirds (68%) of Mauritians say floods have turn into extra critical during the last 10 years; about part (48%) of electorate say the similar about cyclones.
  • More than seven in 10 electorate (73%) say they have got heard of weather exchange.
  • Among those that are conscious about weather exchange:
  • Most (86%) say it’s making existence in Mauritius worse.
  • About 9 in 10 consider that abnormal electorate can assist curb weather exchange (88%), and just about two-thirds (65%) need the federal government to take speedy motion to prohibit weather exchange, even supposing it’s pricey, reasons activity losses, or takes a toll at the economic system.
  • Only small minorities are happy with efforts by means of the federal government (3%), trade and trade (7%), advanced international locations (3%), and electorate (11%) to battle weather exchange.

Located in the Indian Ocean, with a tropical weather, Mauritius is regarded as specifically prone to the affects of weather exchange, together with emerging temperatures sea ranges, coastal erosion, altered precipitation patterns, and an build up in excessive climate occasions (World Health Organization, 2021).

The previous decade has noticed a drastic build up in the collection of other folks suffering from climate- comparable shocks, specifically this yr’s tropical storms (International Monetary Fund, 2022;, 2022). The nation may be experiencing widespread and devastating flash floods that critically impact the economic system, the ecosystem, and livelihoods (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2021). According to the World Risk Report 2021, Mauritius ranks 51st out of 181 international locations for possibility of crisis from excessive herbal occasions (Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft, 2021; Government Information Services, 2021).

The govt of Mauritius has advanced methods to fight weather exchange. The Climate Change Act, enacted in 2020, will enhance the mainstreaming and efficient coordination of weather exchange problems on the perfect stage (Government Gazette of Mauritius, 2020). In line with its objectives for nationwide construction, Mauritius has already applied numerous insurance policies and tasks that deal with each adaptation and mitigation, together with a Road Map on Renewable Energy, nationwide tree-planting campaigns, coastal rehabilitation tasks, and rainwater harvesting techniques (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2021). The government have set formidable targets in the 2021 Nationally Determined Contribution file beneath the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The key targets to enhance weather exchange mitigation are to scale back general greenhouse gasoline emissions by means of 40% and to build up the percentage of power era from inexperienced resources to 60% by means of 2030 (International Monetary Fund, 2021).