Gola — The Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia (SCNL) as phase of its effort to reserve the Liberian wooded area, has begun donation of 52 motorbikes amongst citizens that percentage boundary with the Gola-Forest as phase of its Liberia Forest Sector Project Northwest Cluster (LFSP) which goal to maintain the Gola-Forest.

The SCNL via its Liberia Forest Sector Project Northwest Cluster (LFSP), funded through the Forestry (*52*) Authority (FDA), and the World Bank, on Tuesday, started distributing the new TVS Star Motorbikes amongst cooperatives and communities in Gbarpolu and Grand Cape Mount Counties.

At a well-attended tournament in the 2 counties, Mr. Richard Hoff, SCNL Project Coordinator, stated SCNL has evolved an passion in running with group dwellers via sustainable livelihood and a excellent well being care machine for those that are located inside of and across the Gola Forest, in an effort to give protection to the wooded area.

He stated the 52 motorbikes shall be utilized by each and every of the cooperatives to generate budget for business functions, for wooded area edge communities as approach of decreasing the slicing down of timber from the wooded area.

“We have come to add effort to what FDA is doing to safeguard the forest by providing these motorbikes which will be used to generate money for community dwellers in an effort to stop cutting down trees in the forest,” Mr. Hoff stated.

He prolonged thank you and appreciation to the World Bank and the FDA for his or her steady partnership to give protection to Liberia’s wooded area.

For his phase, Arthur N. Konneh, District Commissioner, Gola-konneh District, lauded the World Bank, FDA throughout the LFSP, and SCNL for the gesture and confident them that the motorbikes shall be used for its supposed objective.