Onrovia — The Deputy Managing Director for Operations on the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) Nora T. Wreh has been accused of allegedly sporting out extra-judicial punishments by means of brazenly disgracing and humiliating a 60-year-old worker on the corporate for courteously soliciting for her to convey down her shirt over a partly “torn up” trouser she used to be dressed in whilst on her option to paintings.

Madam Wreh, elderly 32, made sufferer Adolphus T. Seeboe, who’s a Laboratory Assistant on the corporate to kneel down for a chronic time period in the street and in her place of job, respectively.

She is a stalwart of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

The incident reportedly passed off between 11 am to twelve midday on December 6.

In a criticism filed to the LPRC Workers Union on December 7, 2022, a duplicate which is within the ownership of FrontPageAfrica, sufferer Seeboe disclosed that Madam Wreh “demanded” him to kneel prior to her on the street and in her place of job later.

He disclosed that the incident to begin with passed off in entrance of City Builders across the Freeport of Monrovia in a while after he disembarked from a car and used to be strolling alongside the street to paintings on the LPRC compound.

City Builders, a broker in {hardware} fabrics and others, is not up to 3 mins stroll to the LPRC compound.

“While walking along the road, I met Madam Nora Wreh and three other employees in persons of Mr. George Kiawu, Compliance Coordinator, Sadia Chokppele, Terminal Superintendent, and an individual to be identified, moving in the same direction. I greeted them and later observed that her blouse went above the part of her trouser that was torn up. Seeing it so embarrassing, I walked to her politely in her ear and told her to bring her blouse down to cover the part of her trouser that was torn up.”

Victim Seeboe added that Madam Wreh were given infuriated and began “shouting at me in the street and demanded me to kneel down to her in the street and that if I don’t kneel down to apologize, I will lose my December salary and my job, for disrespecting her as a Manager.”

He disclosed that a couple of hours after he returned to his place of job, Madam Wreh despatched for him and demanded he kneels all the way down to say sorry once more.

“In view of the above, I was humiliated and traumatized for being disgraced in public. So, I decided to file this complaint to your office to look into the matter for redress as a union. Up to present, I am being molested by my fellow workers or employees.”

I’ve been nicknamed

Speaking in an interview with FrontPageAfrica by way of phone on Thursday, December 13, sufferer Seeboe disclosed that he has deserted paintings for the previous days because of the prime stage of bullying and molestation he continues to endure because of the alleged motion of Madam Wreh.

He disclosed that his youngsters also are experiencing identical molestation and bullying of their respective faculties.

He claimed that he and his members of the family have additionally been traumatized and psychologically disturbed because of the alleged acts meted in opposition to him by means of the Deputy LPRC Managing Director for Operations.

“As I speak to you presently I can’t even go to work because I am being molested. Any time I go to work, as soon as I reach the gate, people will say “kneel down.” Even my children at their various schools, have been molested. I have been disturbed from Tuesday up to now.”

Victim Seeboe maintained that he used to be pressured to desert church carrier closing Sunday “because of the disgrace that woman (Nora Wreh) brought to me,” including that, “nothing I did to that young woman.”

He identified he used to be constrained to abide by means of the mandate from his boss on two separate events for concern of shedding his process.

“I knelt down in front City Builders and when she brought me to her office, she asked me to kneel down and I did. In front Freeport, I knelt down for about five minutes, and when I came to her office, I knelt down for one hour, thirty minutes.”

Victim Seeboe famous that his determination taken to criticism Madam Wreh to the employees union used to be in step with the manual on the entity.

According to him, a proper criticism has been filed on his behalf to the control of the LPRC by means of the Union.

He identified that the inner investigation division on the LPRC has been mandated to release a probe into the subject.

Nora boycotts investigation

FrontPageAfrica has collected that Madam Wreh and sufferer Seeboe have been invited by means of the frame the habits the investigation on Wednesday, December 14.

However, simplest sufferer Seeboe confirmed up and Madam Wreh used to be nowhere to be noticed.

Another listening to used to be scheduled for Thursday, December 15 at 10:00AM, however Madam Wreh did not display up for the entire of the morning and afternoon hours.

Victim Seeboe expressed the hope that justice will succeed within the subject.

He vowed to take the subject to the “next stage” if the control of the LPRC fails to behave accordingly.

He claimed that this isn’t the primary time Madam Wreh has meted out more judicial punishments in opposition to workers on the LPRC.

“I am not the first person, neither the second, third person. I can name more than four to five persons that she did it to. One George Minor was also a victim.”

Nora tightlipped

When contacted by way of phone, Madam Wreh denied that she snubbed an ongoing investigation introduced into the subject.

She, alternatively, declined to remark additional on grounds that the incident is being investigated by means of the control of the LPRC.

“I can’t speak to you now because management has already taken charge of this. He wrote a communication to the management and investigation will come up. So for now, I can’t speak to it and nothing can be done. After the investigation and from the findings, the public will get to know what actually happened.”

Madam Wreh is a closed affiliate of the previous Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Mr. Nathaniel McGill, who has been sanctioned by means of america govt for acts of corruption.

She used to be advisable by means of Mr. McGill for appointment on the LPRC.

She up to now served as Deputy Registrar on the Liberia Business Registry.

Madam Wreh’s reported rude angle, verbal attacks and cruel confrontations with voters and others on a large number of events discouraged them from registering their companies on the time she served on the LBR, depriving govt of producing the wanted income.


The alleged act dedicated by means of Madam Wreh runs opposite to the National Code of Conduct Law for public officers and the Liberian Constitution.

Section 4.3 of the regulation captioned: Maintaining Dignity of the Public Service states that: “All Public Officials and Employees of Government shall exhibit good conduct at all times, both at work and off-duty. He or she shall be honest, faithful and just, and shall not act in a manner against the honor or dignity of the public service.”

Madam Wreh’s alleged motion additionally contravenes Section 4.10 of the National Code of Conduct report.

Section 4.10 states that: “All Public Officials and Employees of Government shall treat members of the public and other Public Officials and Employees of Government honestly and fairly, and with proper regard for the other person’s rights and obligations.”