-Says Amb Delahouss; Reveals That “Youths Have Particular Role To Play In Maintaining Peace

The head of Delegation of the European Union to Liberia, Ambassador Laurent Delahousse has published that the Youths of Liberia have a selected position to play in keeping up the peace and balance of the rustic.

According to him, the early life will have to respect residing in a rustic with peace and with democracy the place the folks can make a selection their proprietor leaders, stressing that it isn’t so common all over the world.

Speaking on OK FM Thursday, December 15, 2022, Amb. Delahousse stated it is very important for Liberians to comprehend how glad and fortunate they’re to revel in democracy and peace.

“Peace is an absolute cherished treasure, you all know when the older generation knows what happens when there is no peace, I guess nobody wants to go through that again and it is an absolute treasure that needs to be protected by all at cause”, he famous.

The head of the Delegation of the European Union to Liberia furthered that the youths are more often than not utilized by those that are towards peace stressing that kids had been used as kid infantrymen all the way through the rustic’s civil conflict.

He stated the youths of Liberia in particular have the duty to give protection to the peace, noting that they are able to be used to counter the peace that Liberians are taking part in.

Amb. Delahousse indicated that the youths endure probably the most from the aggravating scenario, emphasizing that the youths are going to reside with the aftermath of any disaster.