An environmental analyst and Lab Manager on the Liberian Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) has known as at the govt to institute measures towards plastic waste and concrete mining to save you long run crisis in Monrovia.

In an interview with reporters Wednesday, 21 December 2022 in central Monrovia, Mr. Sam P. Jallah raised a major worry towards mining actions within the Jallah Town neighborhood, and the desire to keep watch over plastic waste.

Mr. Jallah is a Mathematics and Chemistry lecturer on the African Methodist Episcopal University (ANEU), and United Methodist University (UMU).

He stated if not anything is finished by way of the federal government to deal with the speedy city migration and building of homes within the Jallah Town house, the rustic will revel in an enormous loss.

Jallah warned that if measures don’t seem to be taken, Liberia will in a no far away long run repeat the error of neighboring Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone has had a sad incident when landslide killed many of us.

“I was part of the team that did the research during the Sierra Leone landslide. During our research, we discovered that the landslide happened as a result of plastic and undermining of the area for the construction of human habitation,” stated Jallah.

“And that is what we are now seeing in Jallah Town,” he added.

“The way that Jallah Town is looking, and people are just mining it because they want to build, will cause a major landslide in a no distant period,” Jallah persevered.