Monrovia — The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings has blasted President George Manneh Weah for failing to adequately make the most of his contemporary seek advice from to the United States by way of preserving bilateral discussions for the advantage of Liberia and its voters, as an alternative of taking a selfie with US President Joe Biden.

On November 1, President Weah departed Liberia for approximately 48 days to shape a part of a sequence of occasions in Morocco, Egypt, Qatar, and the United States.

Minutes after the graduation of the opening consultation, footage of President Weah, in a selfie with President Biden, went viral on the social media, with a lot of his ministers and others sharing and the use of as their profile photos on Facebook.

These authorities officers proceed to show off their happiness for the closed proximity the Liberian chief had along with his US counterpart in the wake of power bashing from the opposition of the President being denied an reliable White House invitation as usually accomplished due to the ancient conventional ties subsisting between the two international locations.

In his Christmas and New Year message delivered to Liberians on Thursday, December 22, Mr. Cummings claimed that president Weah “irresponsibly” left the nation for 48 days and wasted tax payers’ monies leaping from position to position, looking at his son play soccer and taking part in himself, and got here again to his “Miami” with extra lies and photographs for his Facebook album.

He stressed out that the prime degree of pleasantries and photograph taking which characterised the President’s lengthen go back and forth didn’t yield fruitful effects for Liberia and its voters.

“Our President requested and got selfie photos with the American President while one or two heads of state had opportunity for bilateral meetings and others signed huge investment and aid packages, including awards of MCC Compacts for their countries. This is nationally embarrassing. But Mr. Weah and his acolytes know no shame as long as they think they can continue to plunder, deceive and abuse the intelligence of our nation.”

“Da pictures our people will eat? Da pictures will pay people’s rent and hospital bills? Da pictures will pay children’s school fees? Da pictures will create jobs? Da pictures will give business people and market women loans and micro-financing? By the way, banks have no cash to pay people because the Central Bank is not giving them their money. Da selfies will cash people checks?”

Mr. Cummings maintained that the international is right now giggling at the country “and will continue to laugh at us and take us for a joke because we have a President who thinks the job of President da play-play thing.”

“While he is playing, our people continue to suffer because no serious investor will come to invest in a country with a play-play leader who is doing nothing to stop stealing from the people because he himself is stealing or benefitting from the stealing of the Liberian people’s money.”

No US reliable invitation

Mr. Cummings stressed out that the United States is Liberia’s ancient and conventional buddy and best friend, however President Weah has now not been invited to grasp bilateral discussions with the US chief since he used to be inaugurated into workplace.

He added that on coming to workplace, a brand new Liberian President historically will get a call for participation to pay a seek advice from to the U.S. and is derived again with a dedication for help and building help.

“If that President remains in workplace greater than two years with out receiving a call for participation then one thing is unsuitable. It took 5 years for Mr. Weah to get a normal invitation to 50 different African Heads of State to Washington to attend a convention. And even at that, he may just now not get area for one-on-one bilateral dialogue. Instead, he used to be in a bunch of six different heads of state whose nations are going through elections. They have been referred to as in to be informed that America expects them to habits unfastened and honest elections.

Lies and deceits

Speaking additional, Mr. Cummings claimed that President Weah can not convey severe traders to Liberia to create jobs as he promised 5 years in the past.

He mentioned that no severe investor will convey their cash to a rustic that isn’t protected and being the world over referred to as a kleptocracy.

“We have to stop fooling ourselves, and stop letting President Weah get away with fooling us time and time again. The Presidency is for serious people who know what they are doing. The Presidency is too important to all of our lives to have it placed in the hands of someone so irresponsible, indiscipline, incompetent and unfit to lead a home or a business. Liberia is not a trophy. The Presidency is not a ludo game. When the President fails, or cannot do his job, everyone pays for it.”

“From Bali Island to investors coming; for 5 years, we have heard the same lies, propaganda and deception. Our reality will not be changed by lies, propaganda and deception. The Liberian Presidency does not need a dribbler. We need an honest and hardworking leader. This is who I am, and for our country and people, this is what we will do to change the poor living conditions of our people.”

Good footballer, ‘fecee’ President

Mr. Cummings seen that President Weah used to be a excellent footballer who’s now a “fecee President.”

He claimed that the President has spent 5 years taking part in round like a “small boy while Liberians are suffering.”

“He (Weah) is a mistake we must correct to end the suffering of the Liberian people because the Bible rightly prophesied that the people will perish when their leaders have no vision – when the leader, like President Weah does not know what he is doing or supposed to be doing.”

According to him, the Liberian Chief Executive has now not led, can not lead, and won’t lead.

Swimming in wealth

Mr. Cummings added that some ministers and their spouses get flown out of the nation on personal jets for pricey hospital treatment whilst drivers and safety who’ve additionally risked their very own lives serving them are left in the back of to battle for themselves.

He maintained that some ministries are denied their whole price range allocation whilst few are swimming in stolen wealth and luxuries.

He indicated that President Weah isn’t one to take or settle for duty as evidenced that when a number of years in workplace, he continues to shift blame for his screw ups.

“He claims he is fixing what past governments spoiled. Certainly, past governments paved the Monrovia-Ganta Road. Past government repaved the Robertsfield Road that Mr. Weah and his cronies have turned into a death trap by giving bogus contract to a company without proper vetting. Past government secured funding for the Gbarnga-Voinjama Road that Mr. Weah has failed to complete in five years. Instead, Mr. Weah has given contracts to friends for pavement of roads that lead to nowhere in his “Miami.”

Mr. Cummings added that since the inception of the CDC led-government, Liberia’s unemployment charge has skyrocketed, thereby inflicting severe hardship on the atypical lots.

“More Liberians are suffering today than when Mr. Weah became President. This country is going backward and the President is not serious. This is why I say we need serious people to lead our country and we don’t need a joker.”

He, on the other hand, counseled Liberians for his or her “courage and bravery to turnout” on December 17 for the “We Tiyah Suffering” rally held at the Samuel Kanyan Doe Sports Complex.

He famous that the SKD used to be the position President Weah made his “false promise to “Change for Hope”.”

“He (Weah) did not want the Liberian people to remind him by going there. But we did. We went there because in 5 years, the only change President Weah has delivered is from hope to hopelessness, from stealing to more stealing, and from suffering to more suffering. Liberians are “Tiyah Suffering”. The old and the young, the educated and uneducated, Christians and Muslims, men and women, and rural and urban dwellers came together beyond party and tribe to demand change. We cannot continue to be the joke of the world.”

Mr. Cummings stated Liberians can not proceed to be strangers and beggars in their very own nation, or deficient of their motherland this is so wealthy.

He indicated that leaders of the country can not proceed to be so corrupt and uncaring, whilst Liberians live in worry to categorical their dissatisfaction and disappointments.

Wake up

“We must all wake up to the conditions of our fellow citizens so that we work to fix the failings of our governments. We must answer the patriotic call to end impunity and inequality. All Liberians – rich or poor, ordinary citizens or government officials – must be seen to be equal before the law. This is what the “We Tiyah Suffering” rallying call is also about.”

According to him, “We Tiyah Suffering” is a choice to reclaim Liberians’ future in order that they’re extra accountable and extra responsible to every different for the sustainable building of the nation.

“Our country cannot continue to fly on autopilot – leaderless and rudderless. Ordinary Liberians cannot continue to be told to sacrifice while their leaders are wasteful, corrupt, indiscipline and irresponsible. We Tiyah Suffering” is a choice to honorable public provider and now not self-service at the expense of the public.”

Mr. Cummings emphasised that those that assume this can be a name for a cup of rice these days; “you are wrong.”

“We Tiyah Suffering” is set long-term meals safety. We should devour these days realizing we will be able to feed ourselves and our households the following day. We Tiyah Suffering” isn’t about slicing folks salaries. It is set expanding salaries and developing jobs that can pay dwelling wages, teaching and empowering our folks, and offering them with the easiest healthcare device conceivable.

He famous that “We Tiyah Suffering” could also be offering loans and micro-financing for Liberians to personal and reinforce their companies in order that they’re not spectators of their economic system.

He claimed that the rally used to be an expression of hope – one that can be sure that voters don’t proceed to do the identical factor this is inflicting them to undergo anticipating one way or the other that they are going to now not undergo.

Observing festive season in hardship

While the use of the instance to lengthen festive season greetings to Liberians, Mr. Cummings seen that the lots are gazing Christmas and the finishing of the yr with hardship.

“For the last five years under President Weah, living conditions have gotten worse every year. Things have become harder and harder that there is hardly anything with which to celebrate.”

He famous that in this 5th Christmas Day underneath the Weah authorities, many youngsters will cross to mattress hungry, whilst households will nonetheless be grieving the mysterious deaths of family members as a result of their deaths can’t be relatively defined or correctly investigated.

He added that the Liberian chief who has ordered investigations into those instances has now not afflicted to apply up as a result of he hopes the public will overlook, despite the fact that “the grieving families cannot forget, and we will not forget.”

“On this fifth Christmas Day under President Weah, our elderly citizens will be forced to beg because in their retirement, this government has abandoned them. The streets will still be unsafe, and communities will continue to be taken over by ghettos and drugs. Joblessness, disappointments and frustration will continue to be the story of many young people. Prices of everything, including food, rent and transportation, will still be going up while salaries are going down.”

“On Weah’s fifth Christmas Day, President Weah, the VP, the Speaker, the ProTemp and the Deputy Speaker – only 5 persons – have all increased their share in the budget so that together they are getting more than universities, schools and hospitals. And while they are expensively taking care of themselves and their families, including using the Liberian people money to travel in private jet planes and to go to hospitals outside the country, they are also wickedly cutting the pay of civil servants while many public hospitals are without beds, equipment and medicines.”