The Director General of the Civil Service Agency (CSA) James Thompson says he does not comprehend why other people stay expressing fear about Civil Servants’ wage bills when the federal government does no longer exist simply to pay one sector of the body of workers.

Civil Servants in Liberia are the least paid in executive with some incomes as little as US$50, as per 30 days wage main some workers on the Ministry of Information protesting lately in call for of wage increment.

But Mr. Thompson maintains that folks will have to be extra eager about how Liberia may transfer ahead as a substitute, of politicizing the whole thing, including that there are different vital issues that similarly have executive’s consideration relatively than crying for Civil Servants’ pay.

He made the observation lately at a different briefing to announce respectable release of consciousness on synchronization of Civil Servants’ Employment and Pension Data, together with Civil Service Electronic Pay Slip platform.

According to him, when the Civil Service began reform procedure in 2019, the Agency had a twin pay device, paying two other salaries to workers.

He explains that the present management on the CSA inherited a device that paid fundamental salaries in two other grading methods: Basic Salary Grading System controlled via the CSA and Allowance Grading System.

“In other words, under the basic salary pay system employees were paid in Liberian Dollars and everything was uninformed”, he provides.

Mr. Thompson continues that if other people had been serving in the similar place, they were given the similar pay as a result of as soon as an worker enters the grade positions within the fundamental wage device, the pay in the long run pops up.