Bondo — Azimio los angeles Umoja chief Raila Odinga has criticized the Anglican church management in Kenya over its alleged engagement in partisan politics and degradation of democracy within the nation.

Speaking all over Christmas provider at Nyamira Anglican church in Bondo Sunday, Odinga mentioned the Anglican church management selected to affiliate itself with injustice within the nation following the hotly contested 2022 basic election.

“What happened on the 15th of August was shameful. When we saw the church standing in front of the camera trying to sanitize a flawed process,” he mentioned.

The opposition chief seen that the Anglican church management were given excited by political agitation through asking the Azimio group to withdraw election petition from the Supreme Court within the pastime of a selected group or even threatened to curse some leaders in the event that they didn’t withdraw the petition.

Odinga requested the church to forestall discrediting the pulpit through permitting politicians to make use of the church provider to insult others or to power political schedule.

“Today we see the country s top leadership going to church every Sunday to vilify leaders in the opposition and the same time talk about government programs. Government programs should be discussed in government offices or political forums and not churches,” remarked the Azimio coalition chief.

On the opposite hand, he requested Kenyans to stay steadfast within the struggle for democracy and stay hopeful that the long run can be even brighter.