Nairobi — The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) has maintained that inquiries on police habits are devoid of witch-hunt after Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome classified them as ‘busybodies’.

In his sudden grievance, Koome accused IPOA of unfairly focused on safety officials who use deadly drive when faced through criminals within the path of their accountability.

IPOA Chairperson Anne Makori cited the prosecution of 500 out of 20,000 instances filed as evidence that they’re appearing in excellent religion for the convenience of each civilians and the police.

Makori mentioned that some investigations carried out through the oversight frame have additionally discovered that officials have used deadly drive justifiably noting that their undertaking isn’t just about prosecuting police however making sure justice for all.

“Holding the Service accountable is not fault-finding or a witch hunt but it simply seeks to answer – What happened? Why did it happen? Was it avoidable? Can we prevent it in future?” Makori mentioned in a observation Saturday.

She famous that from their previous investigations, majority of our cops have acted inside the confines of the regulation including that the cases for the use of drive and firearms are smartly spelt out within the regulation.

Makori termed the pronouncement through the IG directing police to make use of deadly drive when faced with threat as “unfortunate and dangerous” announcing it would opposite the good points that made over the years within the struggle towards extrajudicial killings.

The IPOA Chairperson cautioned cops towards the usage of their carrier guns carelessly announcing they’ll be held to account if discovered culpable of misusing their firearms.

“In all, the Authority wishes to remind police officers where criminal culpability has been established, that is after investigations, it is individuals who have been called to account: not the Service, not a Unit and it is expected that there will be compliance with the Sixth Schedule, Part C on specific responsibilities of superior officers from issuing unlawful orders,” Makori mentioned.

She reiterated that IPOA will appreciate the Constitutional mandate and function of all companies within the justice gadget noting that it “will not be drawn to comment on matters in Court as that would amount to subjudice.”

Author: Capital FM

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