The National Sports Authority (NSA) is lobbying for $2million of Ghana’s prize cash from the FIFA World Cup.

The Black Stars are assured $9m for completing on the team degree of the match.

According to the NSA, this monetary intervention from executive will lend a hand with the continual upkeep of the more than a few National Stadiums.

Director General of the NSA, Professor Peter Twumasi advised Citi Sports:

“We’ll wish that the NSA being part of the qualifiers for AFCON, World Cup, if there is something FIFA has released to Ghana, we are hoping that probably we will be able to also attract about 2 million of that money to help with the continuous management of these facilities.”

“Since they have allocated almost 90 to 99 percent of all funds for sporting facilities and it’s not generating so much.”

“Some of these interventions also help for us to improve on our economic situation.”

The Authority has come below heavy scrutiny for the deficient upkeep of nationwide stadium together with the Accra and Essipun amenities.

Author: Ghanaian Times

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