Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC), has accomplished 0 accidents since operations started on the Atuabo fuel processing plant within the Jomoro municipality of the Western Region, senior supervisor of Engineering and Maintenance, Mr Maxwell Kally, has reported.

He confident that the corporate was once centered to handle the feat and likewise be certain the protection of the infrastructure and group.

Mr Kally published those at a press soiree organised through Ghana Gas at the theme ‘The position of the media within the transformation of the oil and fuel business in Ghana’ in Takoradi on Wednes-day.

“For 10 years, we have maintained consistency and have an excellent safety culture that transcends Atuabo all the way to Takoradi, and I think that is phe-nomenal. We want the community led by the Western Region media fraternity to promote this good news, because, without safety, our community would be agitated. Led by our CEO, Dr Ben Asante, anything to do with safety is the first priority, and that is our busi-ness. We guarantee you the safety of our operations.”

Mr Kally argued that the safe-ty tradition was once similar to what existed within the business in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Trinidad and Tobago or even the United Kingdom, pronouncing “Ghana Gas has been a leading gas company.”

He instructed the reporters that the Atuabo plant was once poised with tie-in preparations to provide fuel for the manufacturing of fertiliser on the Jomoro fertiliser plant.

In the development of fuel curtail-ment from offshore actions, the engineer stated there existed a billion-dollar interconnection with the Tema plant with a opposite go with the flow for the Atuabo fuel process-ing plant to obtain herbal fuel.