The increment of EU visa charges via the European Union, with the will to compel Gambia to simply accept deportees will have to be remedied thru international relations 101 with quick impact.

Most of the time such scenarios are an end result of “fermented feelings” throughout the “chamber of frustrations”.

There is not anything international relations can’t unravel so long as the fitting method is recognized, understood and used because it pleases Allah.

What’s my recommendation?

A delegation comprising our diplomats this is to mention, the house primarily based ones, the ones en poste, our immigration and officers from the Office of President. They will have to go back and forth to EU HQs after which via extension EU member states and or communities to interact them. Or talk to them with information and urban details which are associated with the the explanation why the ones immigrants can’t simply come again house empty passed! Measures just like the increment of visas will handiest come again to chunk the EU faster than later. In truth the aforementioned end result may have been avoided or have shyed away from. That stated, there’s nonetheless some hope left! Our younger ones in Europe may also be secure the place Frank communicate is held with EU Officials a few of whom aren’t uncovered to the realities that urge our younger other folks to go back and forth. By taking a look at Afghani refugees and the ones from Ukraine being flown to Europe and the Americas with complete coverage from native government displays some other aspect of the tale. Is it being biased or is it a lack of understanding of the realities that urge other people to go away for “greener pastures” as they are saying it.

EU Officials will have to similarly take into account that measures like those can’t remedy or unravel the rest. Migration has been a spouse of humanity since time immemorial subsequently implementing sanctions is shameful, draconian, confrontational and above all thorns from the tree of patronage! Unfortunately our personal electorate are normally those who face the pointy swords of immigration officers in the ones EU nations. The EU additionally can’t get up and impose sanctions when they don’t seem to be even positive if all Gambian cross port holders are Gambians in truth!