Members of the National Assembly, whilst debating at the AKI Report submitted via the Assembly’s Health Committee at the simply concluded Parliamentary Inquiry, stated the Gambia Government will have to endure accountability at the deaths of 60+ Gambian youngsters.

Commenting at the document, the Member for Kiang West Constituency challenged the committee to make a conclusion at the root reasons of AKI. He added that the committee has engaged related stakeholders of their inquiries and as such if the committee has consider in the ones stakeholders, they will have to have the ability to conclude what the basis reasons of the AKI are. He then again faulted the random sampling of the imported drugs as incorrect, declaring that with this technique, any other infected drugs can also be overlooked.

“Looking at the recommendation, there is nowhere the parliament is put in on the follow up of matters to ensure that the recommendations are fully implemented but rather, everything is left in the hands of the Government and the Health Ministry,” he stated.

According to him, that is self-contradictory, including that the meeting blames the federal government and the well being ministry for negligence within the loss of life of the stated youngsters, and but they’re given the accountability to put into effect the advice leaving the lawmakers out of the implementation procedure.

On his section, the Member for Busumbala Constituency Muhammed Kanteh, stated in any scenario there’s the dire want to establish the actual perpetrators relating to AKI in addition to the actual responsibility bearers.

“Primarily the government of the Gambia is one of the duty bearers, and also the Ministry of Health, Medicine Control Agency (MCA) and the Atlantic Pharmaceutical. Going by the recommendation of the committee there is no point that indicates the following duty bearers could be culpable of what had happened, but rather the Maiden Pharmaceutical company is being singled out as being culpable for the alleged deaths of the said children,” he stated.

He added that the document of the meeting’s well being committee is bigoted. He stated the Committee will have to have holistically take a look at the avid gamers and actors in the problem of AKI, including that the lack of lives led to a countrywide mourning, stressing that the AKI has claimed the lifetime of a technology of 70 plus youngsters, who may have been distinguished long run leaders similar to Presidents, Speakers of the National Assembly.

“They were deprived of that opportunity, because they met their untimely death because the primary duty bearers of this country failed to protect them,” he emphasised.