Ex-Interior Minister Sheriff M.L. Gomez talked to The Point at the incident of safety considerations in Foni on what the federal government must do to reassure peace and safety throughout the Foni borderline.

He stated that the federal government must recognise that it has the weight of accountability to the Gambian other people through reassuring and offering safety to them particularly below prevailing cases in Foni.

According to Mr. Gomez, the federal government must come ahead and supply well timed knowledge and release its investigation into the subject for a complete record on what the placement is; and what it’ll do about this incident, and the ensure of other people’s security and safety.

“The idea of providing and exchanging information with the communities must be part of the security arrangement because then, you are reassuring security to the people and making them feel that security will be taken in their interest and the interest of the state.”

Dwelling on Senegalese infantrymen stationed in Foni, Mr. Gomez believes the Senegalese infantrymen based totally in Foni falls below the ECOMIG troop deployment. However, he added that this will want to be clarified to the Gambian other people through the federal government, pronouncing that does not remove the troubles of the folks of Foni.

“They have a legitimate claim and concern regarding security because citizens within the Foni region are constantly faced with these anxieties. The NAMS of the region have called for the removal of the Senegalese contingent of the ECOMIG troops in the region for which in what appears to be a response of the Defence Minister is quoted in a daily newspaper to say that only the ECOWAS can withdraw the ECOMIG from the Country.”