Director common of Gambian Agency for the Management of Public Works (GAMWORKS), Omar Gaye, highlighted in his file all the way through GAMWORKS not too long ago held annual common assembly for 2018-2020 that delays and non-receipt of govt investment contributions as one of the a large number of exacting problems hindering GAMWORKS in handing over its tasks.

“Due to the nature of operations of an institution such as GAMWORKS, there are always likely to be constraints and risks. The challenge is for management to manage the constraints and minimise risks to the agency’s operations,” he mentioned.

“Delays and non-receipt of Gambia government counterpart funding contributions to some of our projects continue to be an issue. There have also been delays in the payment of our invoices for DMCs. Delays in receipt of counterpart funding or late payment of invoices cause delays in project implementation and increase costs.”

He famous that the company does now not obtain any direct subventions from govt price range however “GAMWORKS relies entirely on management fees from our DMCs and budget allocations in projects for the Projects Management Unit to sustain the operation of the agency.”

“The biggest challenge faced by the management continues to be mobilisation of resources to fund the operations of GAMWORKS,” he additional posited.

However, he famous later that this lengthen by way of govt is an implementation factor and now not dedication.

Author: The Point

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