Omar Saye, a complainant towards an expired meals product (expired sardine to be pecise), has expressed his dissatisfaction with the Food Safety and Quality Authority (FSQA) at the method and means they treated his record.

Saye who lodged his grievance relating to an expired tin of sardine with the FSQA, expressed unhappiness with the latter, and mentioned when “I discovered that the sardine I bought from the local shop was not fit for consumption which I believed was an expired product, I decided to report it to FSQA but I was not happy with the way they investigated my report.”

He mentioned he went to the store to shop for sardines as a result of his well being situation didn’t permit him to take different meals.

“I went to the shop to buy sardines to eat. I was informed by the shopkeeper that there are two types with different prices of D30 and D35. I then asked him to give me the one costing D30 but when I opened the tin, I found it very different from the others, because the colour and taste were completely different. It was when I called my brother to inform him and later gave the sardines to a cat but it also vomited it afterwards,” Saye reported. He mentioned when he reported the topic to FSQA, he used to be promised that investigation can be accomplished to track the principle provider.

“After sitting for days without information, I called them to know the outcome of the investigation but they told me that they have found the retailer who said his stocks are finished and they continued to the importer who said he has sold all his consignments for the past three months. However they told me that they had opened another tin of the same product but there was no problem found in it. But I expected them to call me and tell me that the sardines I bought was good and there was no problem in it,” Saye mentioned.