Addis Abeba — Ethiopian Red Cross Tigray department workplace has stated it’s not able to ship its products and services to drought and struggle-bothered folks in the Tigray due to shortage of drugs and demanding situations similar to logistics. The Ethiopian Red Cross on its phase, informed Addis Standard that it has misplaced communications with its Tigray department places of work.

Berhanu Mekonen, the director of Ethiopian Red Cross Tigray department, stated that even supposing the department’s clinical provider has been declining for the reason that previous two years, it has deteriorated nowadays.

“There is no supply, we can’t offer medicine to our pharmacy branches all over Tigray, there is no access to bank and telephone communication and we don’t know in what situation our branch offices are,” Berhanu added.

In his interview with the native media, Berhanu emphasised in spite of the hope for good enough provide of drugs and fabrics following the peace settlement between Tigray government and the government of Ethiopia, the shortage of provide nonetheless persists.

He advised the global neighborhood to have the same opinion in offering the vital provide having regarded as the level of the location under consideration.

Mesfin Dereje, humanitarian international relations verbal exchange director on the Ethiopian Red Cross, stated that the Ethiopian Red Cross could not supply elementary drugs to Mekelle due to lack of get right of entry to.

“As there is no telephone access, we don’t have any information and any communication with our red cross branch office in Tigray,” he informed Addis Standard.